Catch Home Damage Before It Costs You

Catch Home Damage Before It Costs You

We perform 11-month warranty inspections in Fields Landing & Eureka, CA

After your homebuilder finishes your house, they'll give you a one-year warranty on the construction work. This warranty allows you to call on your homebuilder during that period if you need repairs. Because houses begin to settle after a few months, you might find yourself facing home damage that wasn't noticeable before.

North Coast Property Inspections LLC can make sure you're not stuck with repair costs your builder could've covered. We perform 11-month warranty inspections in Fields Landing, CA and the surrounding area. We'll inspect your home before your warranty expires.

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3 reasons to get an 11-month home warranty inspection

11-month warranty inspections can save you from dealing with a costly headache down the line. If you're still on the fence about scheduling your inspection, consider that:

  1. Hiring a certified home inspector allows you to hand your builder a credible list of damages.
  2. An 11-month warranty inspection will give you peace of mind that your new home is truly ready for you and your family.
  3. Your homebuilder already factored in potential repair costs when they priced your home.

Reach out to North Coast Property Inspections now to speak with a certified inspector in Fields Landing, CA about the benefits of home warranty inspections. You can schedule an appointment with us right away.